A Shower Worthy of Your Presence

Did you know that humans spend an average of 60 hours every year in the shower? That’s quite a bit of time! Also, that’s based off of 8 minute showers…We know that many people are guilty of spending just a bit longer than that. Having said that, if you spend that much time in one place, don’t you think it’s important for it to look good? I mean if you’re to hop in there for maybe 15 minutes a day anyway to meditate and clean up, shouldn’t you like what you’re surrounded by? We think so. This is why we’ve compiled a short list of ideas you can use to create and top off your dream shower. If you’re thinking about doing a shower remodel soon, use these tips to bring your bathroom to life!

Our 5

  1. Subway tile – Subway tile is usually a white, 3×6 piece of tile. If you have watched home remodel shows, then you’ve probably seen it many times before. Subway tile is in right now. It’s what is trending and many shower remodel installation and design jobs ask that we use this material. It’s also easy to see why, as it’s not complex, modern and extremely simple. The white color gives any surface a clean and organized look.

2. Apply the same pattern on the wall as your floors – You don’t need to contrast patterns in order to make something look good. Sometimes more is less. Using the same pattern lets you save time, money, and resources.

3. Change your Shower Door – Maybe you like your current shower door. Maybe you don’t. Maybe your in love with it, but it looks like it is 40 years outdated. That’s alright, because with new trends come new shower doors and ideas that you’re bound to love. Some of the newer designs are custom made to perfectly match the interior of your shower.


4. Use A Darker Grout With Brighter Tile – This is where contrasting can help you out. Using a dark contrast with a lighter material can really make it pop!


Subway tile Shower

5. Add A Niche – Maybe your shower has one already, but niches are a great way to give your shower a distinct look and open up space. As shown in the picture above, a niche is also handy and useful. They can get rid of those awkward tub edges where you sometimes end up putting your soap bars and shampoo bottles.


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