SnowFall (Polished)


12″ x 24″ carrara sold by the square foot

Inspired by the soft snowfall layered on distant mountains, this product’s variation is as unique as each snowflake. This Tile makes a bold statement no matter where it is placed. It can adorn your kitchen floors and serve as a base for the decoration in your kitchen. It can be used on shower walls, allowing you to bathe in the beauty of a soft and peaceful ambiance. 

If the polished look isn’t for you, check out our Matte finish Snowfall Tile here.

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Are you a winter person? Do you love the way that snow slowly falls from above, covering every inch of the floor? How about the way that the mountains look with a layer of snow on top of them, or just covering the caps? It’s a majestic sight to see, and can leave many in awe and wonder. Our Snowfall (Polished) Tile bears a striking resemblance to those magisterial sights. Inspired by the beauty of outdoors in winter, this design delivers elegance and class to whatever surface it graces.


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Dimensions12 × 12 in
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