Traction Wash Tile and Grout Cleaner


1 Gallon Heavy Duty Tile and Grout Cleaner.

  • Removes micro-dust, pollen and heavy grime
  • Removes soot, adhesives, and other containments
  • Dilute 1:32  for moderate cleaning, 1:10 for heavy grime and grease

Helps Remove: Adhesives,Blood,Coffee,Dirt,Dust,Food,Grease,Mildew,Mold,Odor,Oil,Paint,Pet,Red                Wine,Rust,Scuff Marks,Soap (Calcium/ Lime),Urine,Vomit,Wax

Professional/ Residential use ready

Safe For Use On: Acrylic,Concrete,Fiberglass,Laminate,Metal,Painted Surfaces,Plastic,Porcelain,Rubber,Specialty,Stainless Steel,Stone,Tile,Vinyl,Wood

Where to Use:
Bathroom, Floors, Kitchen, Laundry, Outdoor, Specialty




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