Not Just Flooring Installation Anymore! – A Change For The Better, A Change For You

For 23 years, Baldosa Tile has only focused on flooring installation in the Phoenix Valley. In those 23 years, they have completed more than 2600 homes and projects (commercial and residential).

With a portfolio like that, it can safely be said that their focus was well kept. That all changed in the year 2019.

Baldosa Tile has just opened a brand new showroom selling all types of flooring. This includes tiles, wood, carpet, and much more! But the best is, it doesn’t end there.

Now, Baldosa Tile also have an interior design service to help customers select the perfect product for their homes and needs. The more, the better!

Not Just Flooring Installation Anymore!

Not Just Flooring Installation Anymore! – New Beginnings

Based in Phoenix, Arizona for over 23 years, Baldosa Tile has long specialized in flooring installation services. Now, the company delights in the news of announcing the opening of a brand new showroom! This showroom will be featuring ranges of tiles, wood, carpet and other flooring solutions.

This expansion of the business is incredibly exciting but that’s not all. Baldosa Tile have also employed their own interior designer to assist their customers in design projects. They will be taken through every stage of design, product selection and installation. 

Baldosa Tile have a broad and comprehensive portfolio showing off the designs they have facilitated for over 2,600 customers. 

Same Quality, Wider Options!

The company offers a wide range of products and services that includes decorative fireplaces, shower floors and walls, interior and exterior walls, interior and exterior floors, and backsplashes for kitchens as well.

With the addition of wood, carpet and other flooring, Baldosa Tile are looking forward to offering an even broader set of solutions and services. 

A successful interior design idea contains various elements. This is why it’s important to make the right choices when choosing between similar colors and other aesthetics.

Your Needs, Our Needs

The general uses must also be considered. For example, a family with pets might want a chic look that will also require practical elements such as material that is scratch resistance and easy to main.

This is why it’s important for customers to have the best products available to them. With over 8,000 products to offer, Baldosa Tile is well placed to present the right choices. 

Beautiful and functional options that adapts to your needs. All you need to built, refurbish and redecorate tailored-made spaces for you and your family.

Interior Design Bathroom

Looking Towards The Future: Not Just Flooring Installation Anymore

Expanding this offering is a really exciting business development for Baldosa Tile. It is a true testament to the hard work the team have put in over the years.

The brand new showroom will give the team a greater opportunity to show customers their products and talk through different design ideas. Not just flooring installation anymore, but everything to grow with you! 

This is a bright beginning for the future of the company and everyone is looking forward to getting started. 

Interior Design Agreement

Two Great News to Celebrate!

So, wrapping up everything we have for you now, we have two powerful news to celebrate: Our new Show Room at your disposal, and interior design service ready to give you advice, and help you out to organize everything you need for creating your dreamt home, or just redecorating and refreshing your spaces.

Redecorations for everybody, even for us! Reasons to celebrate in big, reasons to keep moving towards the future. As we promised: Not Just Flooring Installation Anymore

For more information about Baldosa Tile, please contact Josue Romero on 6022674400 or email info@baldosatile.com. Please address any postal queries to 102 N 56th St, Phoenix, AZ 85034. Check out their website Baldosa Tile for any further information you need.