Interior Design Fails l 5 Things To Not Do

5 Interior Design Fails You Shouldn’t Copy   1. Don’t Pick Furniture Before Color Palette Imagine you and a friend going to the grocery store to buy ingredients for a Mango Berry Salad. You both know you are going need some berries and mixed greens, so you and your friend split off to do the […]

Baby Time? Here are 3 Soft Flooring Options To Help With Those First Steps

Walking the Walk Watching a baby try and take their first steps is wonderful. You can see them struggle to get up, wobble a bit, take a step forward, then ultimately fall forward or back on their bottoms. It’s something that requires a lot of practice for them, and multiple tries means multiple failures. Multiple […]

Your Living Room Remodel; Five Vital Details to Consider Before You Start

Living room remodel

A Fresh New Look, The Living Room Remodel Well, you did it. You’ve made the choice to begin remodeling your living room. After years of passively thinking about it, you jumped the gun. Congratulations! We know coming to the decision is easy, but actually taking action on it takes a bit more of grit. Now, […]

Not Just Flooring Installation Anymore

Design Kitchen

A Change For The Better, A Change For You For 23 years, Baldosa Tile has only focused on flooring installation in the Phoenix Valley. In those 23 years, they have completed more than 2600 homes and projects (commercial and residential). With a portfolio like that, it can safely be said that their focus was well […]

How to Care For Your Floor

Floor Care

Your Floor And Simple Steps On How To Care For It You know flooring is important, especially if you’ve just had it installed or remodeled in your home. It looks nice, clean, and really brings the space in your home to life. It’s the base of the cake so the cherry can go on top […]

Five Shower Remodel Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom

Shower Remodel

A Shower Worthy of Your Presence Did you know that humans spend an average of 60 hours every year in the shower? That’s quite a bit of time! Also, that’s based off of 8 minute showers…We know that many people are guilty of spending┬ájust a bit longer than that. Having said that, if you spend […]

Picking The Right Flooring

Picking the right flooring

A Guide To Avoiding A Flooring Catastrophe – Look, we all want it. We want the perfect flooring in our home that’s going to make everyone walk in through our doors, compliment us on how beautiful it is, and then ask us where we got it. That’s a given. After all, what child ever said […]

Where Our Story Began

Where our story began

Where Our Story Began Not many people grow up wanting to work in flooring. Children want to be many things when they grow up. However, we can almost guarantee that not a single soul will say they want to be a flooring installation contractor. For many, it’s not that interesting, and most people view it […]