A Fresh New Look, The Living Room Remodel

Well, you did it. You’ve made the choice to begin remodeling your living room. After years of passively thinking about it, you jumped the gun. Congratulations! We know coming to the decision is easy, but actually taking action on it takes a bit more of grit.

Now, we know you’re excited to start, but have you considered everything that is going to go into the project? Like, everything? Some things are more obvious than others. For example, we know you’ve probably thought about the flooring, paint and furniture.

Those are pretty much a given, right? You’ve most likely picked out the flooring and paint color already. That’s great!

However, we would like to go over several of the “forgotten” details that always come up when a remodel project has already started.

The Not So Obvious of A Living Room Remodel

Here we are going to go over the things that are often missed during home project remodels.


People don’t notice that once baseboards come out, they have to be reinstalled. What you want to do from here on out depends on the budget that you have. You can expect to pay anywhere from 60 cents to a 1 dollar and ten cents per foot of baseboard.

That’s just the cost of of the material, you still have to pay for the labor. Some carpenters charge around 50-100 dollars an hour. Others charge by the square foot.

If you’re thinking about doing the installation yourself (DIY) These charges can add up, especially if you didn’t consider you’d be having them at all!

Living Room Remodel

Color Scheme

Whoo boy, if your current furniture doesn’t match what you want your room to look like, then you’re in for a roller coaster ride!

Sometimes we think a flooring remodel or just a paint job will be enough, when in reality, just those two elements could throw off the whole feel of the room! Check out social media or pinterest for some interior design ideas!

We’ve even got some on our own social media channels as well. Unless you want to change your furniture, we recommend more or less keeping the same theme that you already have in your living room (if it matches or you are happy with it, that is.)


What is going to be the purpose of the remodel and the living room itself? Are you planning to redesign just to resell, or are you planning to remodel to spruce up your home? If you don’t have an idea in mind, you might want to take a second to plan it out.

Failure to do so will result in you finishing your product, and having NO IDEA why something just doesn’t look right.

Make sure you know what you want to use it for, and go from there. Map it out on paper if you’re not sure what you want.


This one gets overlooked pretty easily, and if it doesn’t, then little attention is given to it. The lighting of a room completely changes what it looks like. There’s natural lighting, bright bulbs, low light, florescent, and so many others!

Picking the wrong one can make your room go looking like it can be on HGTV to giving you a headache.

If you don’t know which one is best, ask your local home depot or find an interior designer to help you out. Trust us, you’re going to want to get this detail right!.

Living Room Remodel


A true living room remodel needs accessories. We aren’t talking about the furniture or items like that, we are talking about things to cover your walls and give your room life.

These accessories are probably things that you didn’t have before. If you did, will it match your new look? If they don’t match it, be prepared to find items that will!


As you can probably guess, a living room remodel and having a good living room don’t necessarily go hand in hand, but a home looks much better when they do!

Trust us, you will breathe much easier remembering all of these details before you begin your living room remodel.

Check out some of our products for inspiration or browse around our site for more ideas!