Walking the Walk – In Soft Flooring Options

Watching a baby try and take their first steps is wonderful. You can see them struggle to get up, wobble a bit, take a step forward, then ultimately fall forward or back on their bottoms. It’s something that requires a lot of practice for them, and multiple tries means multiple failures.

Multiple Failures means many falls on the floor. Wouldn’t soft flooring make it just a little bit easier for them? And it doesn’t end there, because once they start walking, they start running, and once they start running, they don’t stop!

However, just because you install something softer in your home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looks and style! Here are our 3 recommendations for soft flooring for either your toddler, or you!

soft flooring options

3 Types of Soft Flooring

1.  Wood

Wood always looks sleek, and it goes with a variety of styles. Wood flooring that is properly finished looks fantastic, and this type of flooring is also softer compared to stone materials.

While taking a fall on wood doesn’t sound like something you would enjoy doing, it is certainly better than falling on stone! Wood is also much warmer on feet than stones and tile, so whether it is you or your child, walking on this won’t feel so icy cold all the time.

The only thing you would have to be cautious about is the care you have to give it. Spills left unattended can quickly damage your floors and should be taken care of as soon as possible. Failure to do so can warp your flooring, so watch out!

2. Carpet

Carpet is certainly a given when it comes to discussing soft flooring options. While taking a tumble is never good, you would almost always prefer it over any other floor in your home. It also feels amazing under your feet, and makes for a great place for pacing or even learning how to take your first steps.

The number of different styles of carpet you can get is almost endless. You can pretty much get carpet in any texture and color you want, which can;t be said for wood or stone materials.

As with wood, you’ll want to pay special attention to the care that you give carpet. If you don’t vacuum it often, dirt gets easily trapped in it, and gets dirty quickly if you’ve got a lot of foot traffic coming and going.

3. Vinyl Planks

Vinyl Planks are a type of flooring you may not have thought of earlier when thinking about soft flooring options. They can have the great look of wood flooring, but last a lot longer.

This material doesn’t scratch so easily and doesn’t require the same amount of care that wood flooring might. Your child can take a couple of falls on these without feeling too hurt by the impact.

However, you need to know that these still do require care and proper flooring installation for these is a must, unless you want gaps opening up on your floors.

A Different Type Of Floor For Every Soft Footed Person

Anyone with sensitive feet will enjoy these three options over others other types of flooring. Babies will especially benefit from them due to their soft nature and feel, and yes, that description applies both to the baby and carpet!

Which one you decide choosing is up to you. You don’t have to sacrifice a stylish or trendy look in your home just because you’re little blessings have now become mobile.

Also, you aren’t left without options when trying to pick something, as these three categories of flooring options alone give you well over thousands of options!

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