Your Floor And Simple Steps On How To Care For It

You know flooring is important, especially if you’ve just had it installed or remodeled in your home. It looks nice, clean, and really brings the space in your home to life. It’s the base of the cake so the cherry can go on top because with out it, it wouldn’t make sense. That is why we want to help you to know how to care for your floor.

Knowing this, we can safely say that different flooring installation requires different care. While you might mop up a messy tile floor with loads of water, the same can’t be said about carpet.

Also, flooring care goes far beyond the weekly or daily cleaning routines you give it. Giving it a deep cleanse, polish, or sealing can really make sure that your investment in flooring goes a long way.

Let’s dive into the different types of flooring and how to get the best lifetime value out of them.

Types of Flooring – How to Care For Your Floor


The simple care for tile flooring is easy: You just need to sweep and mop it every so often. However, after a while, you’re going to want to apply a coat of sealing to your material.

This protects against major water damage and other foot traffic. You’ll also need to clean the grout lines with a toothbrush (not yours of course) or a light brush every six months. If you don’t, the white grout that you picked out may end up looking like a charcoal color!

How to Care For Your Floor


Have you got a broom and mop? Then you have everything that you need to take care of this type of flooring!

Giving it a good sweep and mop every several days will help keep dust, dirt and other things that plague your floors. Wood flooring can last a long time, but you have to make sure to give it the maintenance it needs often.

If something spills, make sure to clean it up immediately! Failure to do so may results in your wood bloating or being filled with moisture and rotting. Every couple years, have someone (or do it yourself) come in and apply a refinish to your floors.

This will give it a great shine that will make your floors look like new again!


This one might seem like the one that requires most care. After all, if you’ve got pets or children, you’re almost always on edge about your carpet!

Dirt and grime get trapped in it really easy, so you’re going to want to stay on top of vacuuming. Spills must immediately cleaned to avoid stains.

You should get your carpet professionally cleaned at least twice a year as well. This help you get rid of any deep uncaught dirt and grime.

We know that flooring is a long term investment, and it plays an enormous role in your interior decor. These tips are an easy way on how to care for your floor, and they’re really not that difficult to follow.

Maintaining your floors with regular cleaning and the occasional seal or refinish will ensure that you get to keep beautiful floors for years to come!

Not sure about what you should do?

Baldosa Tile has everything you need to take care for your floor, from cleaner and sealer for your wood flooring to aditional help to give it the best of cares to your floor, and make your home shine bright.

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