Baldosa Tile: Where Our Story Began

Not many people grow up wanting to work in flooring. Children want to be many things when they grow up. However, we can almost guarantee that not a single soul will say they want to be a flooring installation contractor.

For many, it’s not that interesting, and most people view it as something that requires a lot of manual work. Speaking from experience, we can be the first to tell you that it does require a lot of manual work.

Well, a lot of manual work and much more. To do this job, you need skill, grit, dedication, and precision. This is where our story began.

Carlos Romero, the Handyman at Your Services

It was those very qualities that drove our founder, Carlos Romero, to start his own flooring installation business. Where many people may choose to shy away from physical and manual labor, he runs to it.

He loves the idea of taking something ordinary and transforming it into something beautiful, all with ones own hands and a couple of tools. With this mindset and an entrepreneurial spirit, he established the company Baldosa Tile in the year 1997.

This creative imagination and dedication has allowed Baldosa Tile to become an industry leader in flooring installation. Having worked on over 2800 homes in the Phoenix Valley for the past 22 years, we have learned to deal with every problem and detail possible.

where our story began

Baldosa Tile: Today

All this experience and knowledge makes it easy to see why people come to us with their flooring needs.

This attention to detail, attitude, and work have all been instilled as company values for Baldosa Tile since its beginning. We have teams trained to spot these small problems and professionally handle situations that homeowners may have never even thought of!

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and Quality from Start to Finish is our guarantee.

Baldosa Tile: The Future

Starting in 2018, we launched our brand new showroom in Phoenix, Arizona!

We now offer the selling of flooring materials such as tile, carpet, wood, etc. We have also partnered with an interior designer to provide interior design services as well.

If you’ve got flooring needs, we can take care of the whole process for you. We work with customers everyday to provide flooring materials, design their home, and getting their floors installed.

From where our story began to today, Baldosa Tile has come a long way, and continues to leave customers satisfied wherever they go. Yes, we had a humble begining… but now, we are rumbling and doing what we do best: Transforming dreamt homes in solid realities!

Any questions you may have you can ask us here. To schedule a free in-home estimate, you can head to our home page or click here.


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